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Buy your copy today…from Amazon and not a reseller.

Food Network’s foodie fest

The Food Network’s New York Wine and Food Festival is an event that was tailored made for me, as I fancy myself a culinary delightress. Held in Pier 55 along the Hudson River, the festival was an amazing mix of all types of food and drink.

IMG_2594From Australian Lamb, to Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle, – which are phenomenal, BTW– to Brazilian wine to spirits of all kinds, this festival covered every base.  Even better, it benefited the New York Food Bank and the No Kid Hungry campaign, which aims to end childhood hunger in New York.

IMG_2600With top name chefs from the Cooking Channel in attendance as well as sponsors like Buick, Food & Wine magazine and Delta Airlines, this was one foodie feast I am not soon to forget.

With Shelia G of Shelia G's Brownie Brittle!

With Shelia G of Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle! She was as sweet as her product.

Wish I could have driven this home.

Wish I could have driven this home.

With Kelsey Nixon of the Cooking Channel.

With Kelsey Nixon of the Cooking Channel.

With Julie von Uffel of Ferrari-Carano Vineyards.

With Julie von Uffel of Ferrari-Carano Vineyards of Sonoma.

With Thomas Cojumbus of Inglenook Vineyards.

With Thomas Columbus of Inglenook Vineyards of Napa.

Funnin' at the Cupcake Vineyards truck.

Funnin’ at the Cupcake Vineyards truck.


Tall T loves Delta!


With the nice fellas from Sam Adams.


I may have had more than a few of these.


I definitely had more than a few of these!

More fun w Cupcake!

More fun w Cupcake!

The big blow

I l-o-v-e love my natural hair, but sometimes I just need a change.  To mix it up a bit.

And so it begins.

And so it begins.

Me and my ‘fro went to Lasio Studios in the garment district today to get a long overdue blowout.  Notorious for “trimming” my own hair, I thought I could use a bit of professional help in this regard and I was right.

First off, let me say that the studio is so nice and the staff so friendly and effusive that it almost disarmed me to the fact that a white girl was going to be doing my hair.  Almost.  This was going to be a new experience.

A little skeptical...

A little skeptical…

I will say that my stylist, Megan, really knew what she was doing and was gentle with my hair.  She treated it with such care and schooled me on the importance of regular trims, for which I’m admittedly lax.  She was very sweet and apologetic about how much she had to take off because my ends were so dry and split.  Again, my fault.  I told her to take what was necessary to restore my hair to health and she did while erring on the side of being conservative.

T hair 2

Although I was there a wee bit longer than I’m used to–a transformative three hours, but eased by great music, service and vino–I was very pleased with the results.  (Blowing out my hair must have given Megan’s arms the workout she didn’t know she needed.)

Sleek and smooth.  Thanks, Megan!

Sleek and smooth. Thanks, Megan!

If you want a friendly, caring, professional, attentive staff, I can’t recommend Lasio highly enough.  And I’ll be back sooner than later for my next trim!

Lasio love

New York knows how to throw a party even on a school night.  Especially on a school night.  Last night’s hot ticket was the Lasio Hair Care event at the amazing Midtown Loft that offered spectacular terrace views.  Nadine Ramos, Lasio CEO & Founder, and her team showcased iconic styles featuring Lasio’s Hypersilk line.

With Lasio CEO & Founder Nadine Ramos and Amanda Flores of Latina Magazine.

With Lasio CEO & Founder Nadine Ramos and Amanda Flores of Latina Magazine.

The event was hosted by Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita and she happily and warmly posed with her many fans in attendance, including yours truly.

With New Jersey Housewife Jacqueline Laurita.

With New Jersey Housewife Jacqueline Laurita.

Hot tunes, a bit of bubbly and Tres Chic cupcakes made the Lasio event the only event to be at on Wednesday night.

Trina Monique of Tres Chic Cupcakes.

Trina Monique of Tres Chic Cupcakes.


Crazy views.

Crazy views.

Amanda and Sue Small of Bella PR.

Amanda and Sue Small of Bella PR.



Double fistin'.

Double fistin’.





My new site!

Greetings and salutations, folks.  I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my new site,, which will focus on my writing and travel.

Give it a looksie!

I do hope you enjoy it and will visit often!


Beauty, American style.

It’s a rarity these days to come across a product, beauty or otherwise, that is manufactured in the US.  We’ve become so accustomed to our goods being produced abroad that when you find something that is made here – and is affordable, no less – it warrants a second look.

3Girls Holistic is such a line.  This 100% natural and organic skincare line with offerings for new moms and children is manufactured in Henderson, Nevada.  It’s wild-harvested ingredients are good enough to eat and  are highly effective.

cleansing grains

cleansing grains

I try a lot of products and was honestly so blown away by the line and even more so when I considered the affordability of it.  I used the cleanser, purifying toner and cleansing grains, which all made my skin feel wonderfully clean and refreshed, but it was when I used the nourishing cream that I was truly impressed.


nourishing cream

The instant I pumped a few drops into my hand I knew it was going to feel special, and I was right.  It melted right into my skin, as if it were a velvet draping.  My skin felt soft and supple and completely rejuvenated.  So much so that my glow was such that I opted against wearing any foundation because my skin looked so even and dewey. 

purifying toner

purifying toner

It’s safe to say that this nourishing cream is my new jam and I am so glad I discovered it.

Yours in beauty,


Kickin’ it off with Cosmo!

Hello, hello, hello, folks!

Again, I am amazed at how quickly the summer has flown by.  It seems to whiz by faster every year.  Not sure if it’s a consequence of my age and how I seem to get busier with each passing one, or if I’m just having too much fun and those endless summer nights meld into one.


Summer day trippin’ at the DIA Museum in Beacon, NY.


Jazzin’ it up in N’awlins.

Whatever the cause, I made the most of summer ’13 and embarked on some great trips to Halifax, New Orleans, Maine, Boston, San Francisco, and all points of the New York area.  I managed to visit with friends, do a lot of good eating (probably too much), and engaged in a copious amount of merriment.  What fun!


A little late night fun in Central Park.


Never a dull moment in New York.


Getting my beach on on Sandy Hook.

As much as I enjoyed summer I’m stoked about fall.  One great thing I love about fall is how it instantly turns into event season in New York.  Everyone is back from laissez-fairing from their beach of choice – the Hamptons, the Shore, the Cape & Vineyard – and things are suddenly back to business.  This city has got beauty and fashion business to attend to and what better way for me to kick off said business than at Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Advertising Week reception tonight at Hearst Towers.


Daphnee Allen of Coty, myself, and Joanna Coles, Cosmo’s editor-in-chief.

Hosted by Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, and Donna Kalajian Lagani, Cosmo’s SVP/Publishing, the event was as striking as it was fun.  Sipping proseco while listening to the DJ spin the latest jams from the 44th floor, I felt fortunate to be a holder of the hottest ticket of the night in the city.


With the founders of Adopted, a fashion technology accessory line.

What an honor to be a part of a night that embodied all that Cosmo is: fun fearless and female.


With Daphnee and fellow Coty colleagues.


What a view!




Paltzin’ around

The only thing that’s sucks about New Paltz is leaving it.

Enjoying the view from Minnewaska State Park.

Enjoying the view from Minnewaska State Park.

As I pulled away from the quaint college town, I instantly longed for the beautiful village I’d just left. Between the awesomely nice people, the beauty of Minnewesaka State Park and the wonderful food, New Paltz quickly became my New Jam.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

A brief ninety minute jaunt from New York City, New Paltz is the perfect place to day trip to recharge the batteries that so often lose their juice in the day to day minutiae of the city.

Let's hear it for nature!

Let’s hear it for nature!

The awesome food and service at The Yellow Rooster are worth noting, as are the fine folks at the In Good Taste wine shop, where we enjoyed a wine tasting.

Wine tasting!

Wine tasting!

So although I was sad to leave, I am so happy to have went.

A deer!  Now THAT'S nature.

A deer! Now THAT’S nature.

Deviled eggs in bacon cups at the Yellow Rooster.

Deviled eggs in bacon cups at the Yellow Rooster.

Making a new four-legged friend!

Making a new four-legged friend!

One of those nights

New York City.  It’s easy to have a love hate relationship with this town and every time I’m leaning towards hate, something comes along that makes me love it.

Today was a glorious day in the city, weather-wise.  It nearly reached 80 degrees and never gave into the rain the clouds were threatening.  Just as my day was winding up and I was thinking of what outside establishment might do the trick for welcoming the weekend, I received a last minute invitation to a charity event in Union Square for The Family Center, an organization that provides legal,  social and health management services to families in need in the New York area.  Not only was this a wonderful addition to my Thursday night, but it was great to learn about this organization that helps so many in need.


As a result, my New York night transpired into one of love and gratitude for all of my blessings, and the jammin’ DJ didn’t hurt either to help me burn the calories that I didn’t attend to today at the gym.


Me and Daphnee Allen of Coty.

In the end it was, in the words of Billy Ocean, one of those nights when you feel like getting down, which is exactly what we did.


Playing nice with a fellow guest.


Me with Daphnee Allen and Catherine Lipe of Coty taking a break from dancing.